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I love my garden and many people love their gardens too, thats why garden weddings are so popular. You can't go wrong with beautiful shady trees,  colourful flowers, ponds and flowering shrubs.  


Garden weddings are becoming more and more popular, wether its in your family home or at a special location, I can tailor a package just for you .

Basic package includes the following...

  • All Phone Calls

  • All Emails

  • All legal paperwork 

  • Personally written  ceremony.

  • Ceremony performed on the day. 

  • Travel to your location (within the Sydney metropolitan area).

  • Standard Marriage  Certificate 

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to set up.

Important Notes about garden weddings

- You will need a back up plan if it rains

Real Home Weddings

Shirley + Igitava
Mariela + Nicholas
Ouaffaa + Cyril
Suzy + William
Eunjee + Young (Joe)
Lana + Joel
Anthony + Quaetapo
Ashiyana + Damien
Ashiyana + Damien
Courtney + Ryan
Christina + David
Christina + David
Christina + David
Mia + Michael
Mia + Michael
Stacey + Lachan
Stacey + Lachlan
2019.3.1. Chorika + Rathna
Chorlika + Rathna
Angiline + Adam
Angeline + Adam
Monica + Miguel
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