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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the name on my driver's licence with the Marriage Certificate the celebrant gives me on my wedding day? 
 No, you will need to obtain your full Marriage certificate from the Register Office. This can take several weeks depending on workload. 

 I’ve been married 3 times, will I need all of my divorce papers? 
 No, you will only need your most recent divorce papers. 

We have eloped and married in a registry office, but would now like to have a wedding service. Is this legal? 
 Your registry office wedding is your official service and you cannot have a second wedding service. The second ceremony will need to be conducted as a renewal of vows. 

 We met and married overseas, but would like to have a service with our family and friends present. Can we have an Australian wedding service? 
 People who are legally married to each other cannot go through a second form of ceremony to each other. Any Australian service would need to be conducted as a renewal of vows. 

 Can I include my pet as part of the ceremony? 

All ceremonies can be tailor made to suit your requirements. If you would like your pet included in the ceremony, and it is reasonable to do so, it can be arranged. It should be noted however that pets cannot act in any ‘official’ capacity, such as witness. 

How old does my wittness need to be ?

18 years and over.

 I am in a same-sex relationship. Can I legally marry my partner? 
 Yes, you can and I would be honoured to do your wedding.


Can I fill out my Notice of Intended to Marriage before my divorce is processed? 
 Yes, but you can’t be married until the celebrant has your final divorce papers. 

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