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Legal Matters for Overseas Couples

Australia is such a beautiful place to get married and easy to do the paperwork.


Follow these simple steps.

1. Download The Notice of Intended Marriage  form. This can simply be down loaded from

2. The form must be completed and signed by the authorised persons mentioned on the form.

3. Mail  the original  signed notice of Intended Marriage to me along with a copy of the birth certificates along with divorce or death certificate if if you have been married before.

4. Make sure this gets to me at least one month before the marriage is to take place.

5. I will send you a form with a few other questions which you can simply email back to me.

6. Once you are in Australian, we can meet and I can sight all ORIGINAL relevant documents, birth certificates , divorce certificates , final dissolution of marriage certificates and where applicable annulment certificates and death certificates. 

7. A few days before the wedding I will ask you to sign the Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage and answer any other questions you may have.

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