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A Metro Mirage Wedding

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

One of my favourite wedding venues is the Metro Mirage at Newport. I had the honour of officiating a beautiful wedding there last weekend. I arrived nice and early to set up as I was concerned about the weather. The clouds were different shades of grey and white but happily held off any down pour. The temperature was holding at a fresh 22 degrees, so I felt like nature was on our side. As I looked at the sky I noticed how beautiful the reflection of the clouds looked on Pittwater. I felt so grateful for the view. 

Lindy the wedding coordinator come out to put the finishing touches on the arbour, she was so organised and had the venue looking so elegant. Lindy is an amazing coordinator, she had everything under control. Sometimes you don’t realise how much work and coordination goes into an event until you see the set up. As I walked pass the dining area I could see the way the tables were set up with the beautiful floral arrangements. It is amazing to see how elegant a table looks with the right flowers. 

Set up was going well so it was at this point I decide to check on my bride. I always like to check before the wedding and just touch base with them to see how they are, it gives me an indication of how nervous they will be during the ceremony. Well, my bride looked stunning, she was classy and elegant. 

After checking on my bride and taking in the beauty of the venue and its surroundings, I finally set up the registry table up with all my certificates. It was all well timed as it was nearing 4pm and I could see Hunter the photographer from ‘Days Like These’ take his place, so I know the bride would be on time. 

As guest started to arrive they mixed and mingled with other guest and the excitement started to build. The bride and groom’s family come over to introduce themselves. I could feel the love they had for their beautiful children who would soon be husband and wife. 

My beaming groom approached with his best man and groomsman, they took their positions as they talked among themselves. I chatted to my groom as we waited for the signal from Lindy to let us know the bride was ready. My groom was relaxed and so happy he was about to marry the women he loved so much. As I gathered my notes he leaned over to me and said, “have you seen her yet?” as I looked up at his beaming face I realised the bride had decided to not see her fiancé before the wedding. As I answered yes, he asked me “how does she look” ?. I totally loved his reaction and answered with, “your future wife is beautiful”. He looked at me and said, “I can’t wait to see her”. It was such a beautiful reaction. 

Well, the wait was over, and music started to play. The divine bare foot ring bearer ran down the blue aisle into his father’s arms like he had won a race, so everyone cheered. The flower girl took her role very seriously and sprinkled rose petals ever so carefully down the blue aisle. The bridesmaid wore a beautiful shade of pink and looked so beautiful as they lined up next to the arbour. 

The moment my groom had been waiting for was finally here. The bride looked so elegant and beautiful as she made her way down the aisle on the arm of her father. I could tell she missed him as much as he had missed not seeing her the day before the wedding. 

The ceremony was elegant and romantic, and I felt so honoured to be the one to look after them. I know I do what I do because I am in love with love.

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