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What about a brunch wedding ?

Last week I had the pleasure of officiating my first brunch wedding at Dojo’s in Manly. It was a perfect day for a wedding, the sky was crystal blue and Manly beach was picturesque.

I arrived nice and early, so I could set up and familiarize myself with the beautiful settings. I was delighted to see the chairs were already set up and the stylist Ash from Poco Uno was adding her final touches. Beautiful Tara who is the wedding coordinator come over to say hello and introduce herself. She was so sweet and calm, I could tell she so had everything under control. After introducing myself to the rest of the amazing staff, I made my way to the beautiful balcony were the ceremony would take place and I instantly fell in love with the view. There was a fresh ocean breeze in the air and the sun was toasty and warm.

As guest started to arrive they mingled and moved to different sections of the balcony to take in the views as I had done. The atmosphere was so fresh and relaxed, everyone mingled and shared their morning traffic story. As 11am approached the guest settled in their chairs and my groom and his best man waited with me under the bridal screen. The beautiful bridal walked in with her dad and her divine baby could be heard clapping. At the end of the ceremony I had the pleasure of introducing my bride and groom as husband and wife.

This week, I look back and think of the beautiful brunch wedding I officiated at Dojo’s in Manly, but I also look forward to this coming Sunday as Dojo is hosting a bridal showcase for the Northern Beaches Weddings and Events team which I am a proud member of.I hope all brides to be will come down to say hello and meet us all. We have many goodies to give away and amazing offers .I look forward to see you all on Sunday.


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