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Who gives the bride away?

Giving the bride away is a tradition involving the bride being accompanied by her father who has played a major role in her life by walking her down the aisle. This is commonly called “giving the bride away” as it what it represents in history. If we look back to how the tradition started, we will find that women were viewed in a very different way. It was normal for a father to arrange a marriage with a man he had chosen for his daughter, it was also common for animals or dowry to be exchanged for her.

Today, this tradition has a different meaning. As the family unit changes so does this tradition. Today the bride has more choices and a  bride can do what she wants with the tradition. Some brides may choose to walk down the aisle alone and she is the centre of attention. It is quite beautiful seeing her walk down on her own towards her groom.

Some brides choose to walk in with a close family member, whether it be her mother, grandfather, brother or have two close family members walk her down the aisle. Some couples choose to walk down the aisle together. There are so many variations, the beauty of this tradition is that the bride can adapt it to her style and own customs. Sometimes traditions do not have too be strict and followed suit.

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