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Why marriages mean so much to same sex couples?

Updated: Jul 4

Marriages are meant to bring joy and a lifetime of happiness to the two souls involved in it. And why

wouldn’t it be? After all, it’s the day when ones loved family and friends come together to bless their

union. A couple goes through their share of drama to be able to celebrate their union. This day of

celebration is proof of the journey the couple has taken together. The wedding vows, the celebration

and the love and support of your dear ones make the day memorable: for both straight and same-sex


A lot of additional stress follows this drama in case of a same-sex couple. A same-sex couple faces a fair

amount of judgement and ridicule in the society they live in. Fortunately, things have changed for good

after the supreme court’s ruling on equality. Even though this judgement was long pending, it is still a

momentous judgement for the world to adjust to.

A couple who has stayed steady for the sake of their love in these dire situations deserves an applaud.

This is the very reason why the celebration of marriage for a same-sex couple is both emotional and

victorious. This struggle in their journeys together makes their union even more valuable.

But marriages are much more than a celebration; it is also about security and stability. Both of these

aspects matter a lot to couples who have been struggling for their basic rights and privileges.

Here are 6 reasons why marriages mean so much to same-sex couples:

1. Tax benefits:

Taxes have always been a significant concern for most of us. Taxes used to be an even more significant

concern for same-sex couples. They were married and had responsibilities but couldn’t avail the

benefits. Now, same-sex couples can file joint returns at both levels: the state and the federal. Same-sex

couples were anyways required to file joint returns at the federal levels. And then they had done the

same separately at the state level, in states that did not recognize their union. But now things have

changed, they have to file a joint one at the federal level and individual ones at the state level.

2. Estate planning becomes convenient:

It is a usual concern predominant among a lot of same-sex couples. Other relatives contesting for wills

and wrongful death actions are some, to name a few. Now a spouse can be eligible to inherit property

from his/her spouse without having pay the state estate or inheritance charges. Partners can gain the

right to spouses estate, bring wrongful death actions and stop relatives from contesting wills. The

benefit will also be possible for couples living in non-recognition states.

3. Divorces would not be such a hassle:

There can still be times when things do not work out the way they are expected to pan out. This could

be the case for both same-sex and heterosexual couples. However, getting a divorce was one hell of a

task for same-sex couples. This can be horrifying in times when one is already broken and stressed about

a damp relationship. Earlier same-sex couples who lived in non-recognition states and wished to part

ways had to get separate citizenship. This citizenship is usually taken in a state that recognized their

marriage first and then granted them a divorce. However, now same-sex couples can get a divorce even

in non-recognition states.

4. Social security becomes lesser of a concern:

Thanks to national recognition, all the couples married in any state, will be eligible for survivor and

spousal benefits. However, this change came with a little hiccup of its own. Couples had to be married

for more than nine months to be able to benefit from this scheme. This could become a primary concern

for couples who got married to their long partners in states that didn’t recognize earlier & the partner


5. Government Benefits become available:

The government provides a lot of benefits to couples who are married. Some of these benefits are

usually availed in terms of social security, health care benefits, unpaid leaves at work to care for families

and nursing home care. Federal and state benefits are available to every legally married couple,

irrespective of their orientation.

6. Raising a child becomes a lot easier:

The chances of you and your same-sex partner having or raising a child increase by multiple folds when

you are legally married. In marriage, both the parents have the same rights over the child and also the

same responsibilities. Both parents would have equal visitation rights in case they get separated. In case

a same-sex couple is looking at adoption to be able to have legal guardianship of a child, it becomes

easier if they are married. This is another reason why a lot of closeted couples choose to get married.

No state can deny adoption rights to a same-sex couple unless they are married. An unmarried same-sex

couple interested in adoption will face the same hardship as a straight unmarried couple.

After the legalization of same-sex marriages, the stigma attached to the LGBTIQ+ community has

reduced. The convenience allows same-sex couples to raise their children without having to face any

bullying. This significantly reduces the child’s chances of growing up to be hurtful and paranoid in future.

By staging gender equality early in life, we are enabling the next generation to be more stable.

Author Bio:

Shantanu works as inbound content marketer at  GayCelebrant. Melbourne  & has helped develop it to

cater to the LGBTIQ Wedding industry since 2018. He has closely worked with Bronte Price to learn the

traits of the Australian wedding industry and loves to share his acute observations through blogging,

weaving them into a brand story. He also loves to cook, trek, travel, dance and claims to have found his

"why" in helping small business owners bloom into established brands.

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