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Legal Matters

The Process

At our first meeting....

We will fill in a document called Notice of Intended Marriage . This document is sometimes called NOIM and it must be lodged with a with me at least one month prior to your intended wedding date. This notice remains valid for eighteen months.


What to bring at our first meeting: 

- You will both need documentation showing proof of  your date and place of birth. The only forms of acceptable identification for this purpose are:  

                an original birth certificate (or extract), or a passport.


The passport does not have to be current – an expired passport will still show your date and place of birth .However, a cancelled passport cannot be used, as this could indicate some sort of identity fraud. 


If you don't have a passport and you have produced a birth certificate as proof of place and date of birth, you will also need to bring  photo ID  example: your drivers licence.


- If you have been married before you will need to bring documents relating to any previous marriage, such as: divorce or nullity (also known as annulment) papers, or  death certificate of the previous spouse. 

At out second meeting....

I will ask you to fill in a statutory declaration , this is a legal document stating that there is no legal impediment to your marriage.


On you wedding day....

- I will ask you and your two witnesses to sign certificates that I will  prepare for you so your marriage can be register with the NSW Births, Deaths & Marriages.


Gursel and I at our first meeting.

Gursel and I at our first meeting.

Gursel and I made our first meeting fun. We started by having lunch at Harbord Diggers.

Registry Table

Registry Table

Beautiful arrangement by Lilacs and Love.

The Red Book

The Red Book

Filling out the official marriage certificate.

Registry Weddings

Registry Weddings

Beautiful floral arrangement by Lilacs and Love.

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