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Visa Assitance

I can assist couples who are currently living together overseas and are in a committed relationship, who aren’t currently married, and wish to migrate to Australia. 


You might be applying for a ‘Partner Visa’ or Fiancé Visa however as part of the requirements for a Partner Visa or a Fiance Visa, you will need to prove you intend to be married. 


As part of your application you will need to provide a letter which I can write for you explaining that you have completed a ‘Notice Of Intended Marriage’ form, it has been lodged with the department of Births, Deaths & Marriages and a date has been set. 


If you are applying for a Partner Visa you will require this letter!  It is stated on the immigration page and it’s a great tip to have it early to lodge with your paperwork.  


I can help you with this process !!!


The Visa Assistance Package includes the following ...

* First Meeting.

* Complete the necessary Notice of Intended Marriage. 

*  I will provide your certified Evidence of Notice letter within 48 hours.

What you will need to bring to our first meeting.

* Bring your relevant Identification (Passports or birth certificates + driver license).

* Bring any relevant divorce/death certificates.

For more information send me a message to call me on 0412 232 480

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