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Is it important to renew your wedding vow’s ?.

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

A few weeks ago, a lovely social group I belong to had a discussion on why they thought anniversaries were important. I was not able to attend the discussion however, it did get me thinking about wedding anniversaries.

My first thoughts were about “love”. I’m a romantic at heart so I was not surprised that my first thoughts were about celebrating ones love for their partner. I mean, how lucky are those people that have found love and have found a partner that loves them back. This is a celebration within its self.

My thoughts also went to that fact that weddings can sometimes be stressful, and brides and grooms don’t always get an input into the type of wedding they were wanting, especially if it’s a mixed cultural wedding were the bride and groom are trying to please everyone.

I also thought about all the couples that did not have the wedding they had dreamt of, whether it was because money was tight or because parents did not approve of their chosen partner.

Then I thought about all the couples that have had challenges in their relationship and have managed to persevere and sort their problems out and now want to celebrate that milestone.

As I sit here thinking about anniversary’s I realise that there are many reasons to celebrant your marriage. However, I think marriage is something to be celebrated. Every year matters.  Every day matters.  I believe its important to take the time to celebrate and renew your vows.

I think your marriage is worth it.

What are your thoughts ?

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